muara/org [read: muaradot-org; muara] is a space intended to be a laboratory for socio-cultural issues in Samarinda and globally. As an appraisal space, muara/org facilitates as much as it can to accommodate the expressions of the youth in Samarinda in the audio-visual medium.

muara/org has a physical space located on Jalan Cendana, Samarinda and a digital space which is intended to be an extension of the activities of the physical space.



MUARASUARA is a platform that frames musical experimentation, in terms of sound exploration and its performance traits that are able to offer cultural discourses, both in Indonesia and in the Asia region and even globally. MUARASUARA is a way for us to see the potential development of experimental music in Samarinda and become a laboratory for dialogue and collaboration of various cultures through experimental music, as well as a medium for knowledge distribution and mapping of experimental music activists in Indonesia and beyond.

peformance/sound art – di Selatan
Kala di Kalijaga, Jakarta


Online Exhibition: Ancient Delay

Buni-bunian (with Gubuak Kopi)

Ritual (Charderry Pratama, Syahrullah, Sabrina Eka, Faturahman Arham)

Soundscape di Papua (Markus Rumbino)

Live on Instagram

YouTube interview

Performance & Sound Art Festival Muarasuara
Taman Budaya Kalimantan Timur, Samarinda

sindikat sinema

SINDIKAT SINEMA is a Samarinda-based collective specialising in visual discourse and cinema. The group consists of video art practitioners, sound artists, and researchers. Sindikat Sinema’s programmes and works try to contextualise Samarinda’s conditions with global issues. Sindikat Sinema started its movement with a guerrilla film screening in the cracks of Samarinda in 2011.

Ritual, Belahan IV: Bauran
International Competition at Arkipel
Perspektif Curatorial at Festival Film Dokumenter

Ritual video series

Ritual exhibition

No News For Today
co-production with Belangtelon, Gubuak Kopi, LFM ITB, Sinekoci, Milisifilem, Pasirputih, Yoikatra
Arkipel 2021: Twilight Zone
Festival Film Dokumenter 2021

Akademi Arkipel 2020

Naladeva Film Festival 2019: Pranala
Taman Budaya Kalimantan Timur, Samarinda

Naladeva Film Festival
Perpustakaan Kalimantan Timur/Bioskop Unmul, Samarinda

Sinema Untuk Belantara
Kampus IAIN, Samarinda

Sinema Untuk Belantara
Kampus IAIN, Samarinda

samar projek

A platform to study/ find out everything about the Samarinda through observing  socio-cultural activities and phenomena in Samarinda by relating them to the global context. Samar Projek is activated by a number of people with diverse disciplinary backgrounds, which enriches the reading of the city of Samarinda.

Pameran “Makan Kah Kita?”

Makan Kah Kita?
Juni – Oktober

Pekan Kebudayaan Nasional, Jejaring Rimpang: Modus Air, Samarinda
Juli – Oktober

Ritual exhibition

Inside Out, Sena solo exhibition